Tuesday, June 20, 2017

(Climate) Change begins at home

Native wildflowers replace a manicured detention basin.

Changes in the political landscape have spurred discussions regarding global responsibility for the environment. 

As a result, increased visibility has propelled this issue to center stage and a common bond has formed among disparate groups joining together to actively support our planet.
Dan Pace, MC Planning & FoHVOS Trustee, me, and
Hopewell Twp Mayor Kevin Kuchinski at Science March

In response to intensified environmental fears, marches, teach-Ins, and other activism spontaneously formed throughout the country which led to a heightened sense of community.  I am pictured at right in Trenton at one of the many Science Marches.

While activism raises awareness and leaves participants feeling motivated and inspired, it does little to actually address the issues at hand.

A perk of being the Executive Director of an environmental nonprofit is working and partnering with some of the best and brightest experts in the field to set up programs for outreach and education.

Most people realize that their lifestyle choices (i.e turning off lights, fuel efficient cars, and even food selection) have a big impact on reducing our carbon footprint, reducing pollution, and improving water quality.  Let's hope this new awareness leads us to seek out additional knowledge and education and consider more of our actions through an environmental lens. We all need to do our part.

Consider that this weekend offers many summer kick-off events including garden tours, guided hikes and other outdoor friendly activities. Attend them all and delight in the riches that our Valley offers but prioritize those that provide some education that you can use later to improve the environment.

For example, start with a Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space short tour that features experts who can show you how turn your garden into a sanctuary for native plants.  Check out how Mark and Samantha Bean transformed their backyard into an ecological paradise. They converted their neighborhood detention basin into a thriving meadow and have implemented a number of environmentally beneficial features into their own yard. 

Register to attend the garden tour. Enjoy yourself and make proactive choices to positively impact our environment. Change begins at home.